Sarah is a college student in McKinney who like most college students has a difficult time making ends meet. She is not on a scholarship and therefore she needs to pay her own tuition and living expenses. Recently, after discovering that she did not have enough money to make her monthly budget, she decided to find a roommate so as to share a portion of her never ending expenses such as rent, groceries, utilities, and so forth.

So she did not want just anyone but rather she wanted someone who was honest, hard-working, and reliable. She placed an ad in the college newspaper and received an avalanche of replies. Unfortunately, the majority of college students that she talked to did not measure up to her standards for a perfect roommate. Finally, when she was just about to give up her search, she met a fellow student at an auto glass replacement in McKinney shop.

She was driving on a gravel road when a rock from a gravel truck smashed into her window. Fortunately, the window did not break but there was a major chip that needed to be repaired. Sarah knew, from past experience, that car windshield chips can grow into large cracks if not taken care of immediately. So, the next day after the incident occurred, Sarah went down to her local auto glass replacement shop.

Sarah’s met a girl who worked as a part-time receptionist for the firm. While she was waiting for the rock chip to be repaired, she mentioned that she was attending the local college in McKinley. The receptionist was extremely friendly and told Sarah that she also attended McKinley college but that she might have to move back home because she just could not afford to continue on with college life with only a part-time job.

You can imagine how Sarah viewed this revelation. She knew that the girl was hard-working because she was able to physically see it. Later, while she waited, she asked the girl a few specific questions about her qualifications as a roommate. The part-time receptionist ended up being the perfect roommate and it all began because of a rock chip on a gravel road.

The moral of the story is that if you need a college roommate to help you with expenses, never give up but simply take your vehicle out for a journey along a gravel road and you too may discover a potential new roommate.