For those that have to share an accommodation or a flat with someone else, life can be challenging. This is especially true when it comes to student years, as this usually the time you might find yourself living with a roommate. In order to establish a problem-free living, you will have to discuss and decide on many aspects of shared living that are mutually pleasing for everyone in the accommodation.

This is especially true when it comes to cleaning the flat or unit you are sharing with someone else. There is a high chance of this becoming a real issue if you and your roommate do not establish certain rules and agree on some points. Since cleaning is not always a number one priority for students, it can be easy to neglect the cleaning service duty as a whole, and leave the place to become a mess. Communication is key in establishing rules that all of you will agree and follow. Consider the following suggestions as guidelines on how to deal with shared living domestic cleaning:

  • Agree on cleaning supplies and solutions – every cleaning chore requires certain tools and gear to be effective. As far as shared student living is concerned, you should agree upon one thing – providing those is your shared responsibility. That said all of the occupants should divide the costs of cleaning equipment equally and fairly. Do not make a compromise with this as it is the only fair way to approach home cleaning.

When the gear and solutions belong to everyone, there will be less conflict and more willingness to participate in cleaning.

  • Reduce clutter to a minimum – if everyone just starts leaving their stuff all over the place, it will not be long before it turns into a mess. A good way to approach this is to keep most of your belongings in your rooms so that it does not get in the way of anyone. That way surfaces will be free of items, which in turn leads to fewer places for dirt and dust to build up and makes cleaning service a whole lot easier.
  • Always communicate if you notice a problem – people are different, no doubt about it. What is acceptable for you may not be unbearable for your roommate. It is imperative that you work together on finding a middle ground that everyone is happy with. The goal is to have a shared living space that is pleasing and that does not cause anyone to frown in disgust upon entering. Efficient home cleaning is the only way to guarantee this and to achieve this efficiency, you have to communicate and discuss all of the problems. Never resort to leaving angry notes or ignoring the duty, as things can really spiral out of control then.
  • Always clean your own – this should come as a no-brainer, but it needs to be mentioned. This will set up an example that others will follow. If you do not take care of your own mess, you cannot possibly expect anything good to come out of this. You will certainly have a room of your own, but also will have to perform cleaning service outside of it.